Sunday, April 27, 2003

Hi there! Im bored so Im blogging was my day? Meh, its only like half-way over with. SENS GAME TONIGHT! WOO!! Go Sens Go! Saw Conrad today...didnt talk to him, but a view is good enough *wink* hehe I think he blocked me LOL I wouldnt be surprised if he did...we're not exactly "friends" which sucks. Note to self: start talking to him more.
The only reason I dont really talk to him is cuz he's intimidating. Like, he doesnt always have the friendliest look on his face and it'd be hard for me to just walk up to him and start a conversation. When I do talk to him, its not a full-on conversation which sucks. But I cant think of anything to say half the time so its mainly my fault for being slow LoL I always tell myself to try to talk to him...but I figure he's "too cool" yanno? Oh well...hope he'll loosen up soon cuz it'd be nice to make a new guy friend!
Thats all for now...later!