Saturday, April 26, 2003

ALLO! Its been a while since I blogged out...
Okay well first of all...Im changing Chris' name to Conrad LoL Why...well, just because. Just trust me on this one *wink* hehe
Alrighty, so the play went great :) Everyone did their part and all that practice paid off. Not a lot of people attended...but oh well.

I gotta tell ya thought...Im an idiot LoL Okay, so I got a hold of Conrad's email and I was adding it to my address book for my email account. For some weird reason, it automatically added him to my msn list!!! I FREAKED out! So he comes online and asks "who I am exactly" and I tell him. I told him what happened and why I added him and said that I wasnt sure if he knew who I was or not. He's like, "no I know you" hehehe he knows who I am! *wink* anyway he got off like 2 secs later...but I still talked to him heheh

Hows school? Meh, pretty good. Same old stuff. Still friends with Will and Jonas...but Im still over them both. Yeppers, Ive gotten over Jonas. Applaud for me! mwuahah

Anyway thats all for now...I know it was boring...shut up :P