Tuesday, April 08, 2003

HEY ALL! Well, its Tuesday...the day I hate the most out of the week. I didnt wanna get up this morning. I wanted to stay in my nice warm bed but NOOOOOO. I had to get up for crappy school :P LoL I had a boring day at school, as always. I have a Julius Caesar test tomorrow on Act III which Im not looking forward to...Im gonna fail haha How was my Sunday? GRRRRRRREAT! I had a great time @ practice and I cannot wait till THIS Sunday. We practice from like 2-9! lotsa time there for moi and "Chris". Wonder why I use code names? Well, I dont particularly care about my own name. I just dont think other ppl will appreciate their name being brodcasted over the net. Besides, I dont exactly want anyone to know Im talking about them to the whole world. hahaha Its okay, Im just a dork so dont mind me :P thats all for today. American Idol tonight so Im gonna be watching *wink* TTFN