Saturday, April 05, 2003

Well, today is Daylight Savings and Im not particularly looking forward in losing an hour of sleep. :P Tomorrow I go to Church @ 11 am and then I have Passion Play practice until 4:30. A few hrs spend with "Chris", Im excited! hehehe Oh, if any of you are interested, I play a woman of Jerusalem in the Passion Play :)

Friday, April 04, 2003

Holy Jebus! I havent been here in the longest time! I kinda forgot I was running this online journal thing. Ive also been pretty busy with schoolings and such. Mid-terms are coming out soon and my marks are AMAZING! LoL Im in such shock! Ya wanna know what I have? I'll tell you anyway *wink* Math: 87 French: 92 Science: 86 English: 96 And this all adds up to a 90% average! Thats the highest Ive ever gotten. ya ya call me a nerd :P LoL Everyone else is doing it. But Im really surprised with it. My parents are so proud! LoL

So since the last time I wrote in here, I havent really written about the Boy Scene. Whats new? Meh, nothing much. Im basically over Will and in the process of getting over Jonas. Found me a new hunk, though hehehe His name is...lets call him "Chris". Ive bascially known him since the sixth grade and re-met him over the weekend. And Im so glad he popped into my life again! He is honestly the hottest guy Ive seen in a LONG-ASS time! Thank God for "Chris" ;) Thats all for now I guess.

Oh and I realized how boring my blog is...oh well, Im very non-artsy right now :P