Friday, February 21, 2003

Alrighty. Today I chose my courses for next year. Call me crazy but this is what I chose: World Religions (compulsory), University Eng (compulsory), Uni/College Math, Uni/Coll. Law, 16th Century History (I think its Uni/Coll.), Uni. Biology, Photography, and Parenting. It prolly doesnt seem hard for you ppl out there, but Im personally think I chose a handful. Taking LAW and HISTORY, PLUS math and BIO! Crazy! The rest Im really not worried about. History wont bother me much cuz Im pretty good at it. My final mark for history was 89% :) Grade 12...Im still not sure on what to take. I dropped French for next yr, cuz it isnt compulsory, and I wouldnt have been able to earn all my credits if I went on with it. So yeah...LoL That was my day; choosing my courses for next year. Im definitely gonna be going to University. Man, I didnt realize how close it is to graduation until now. I mean, in gr 9 I wasnt even thinking about it. But once you hit gr.10, man you get a real eye opener. And now that OAC was taken away, its a lot harder getting all the credits in the allotted(sp?) time. I could definitely use that extra year!!