Friday, February 14, 2003

Holy Crap...I havent been here in the longest time! Geez...I better get updating this thing! LoL's the day most single people dread: Valentine's Day :P We all think its a useless, made up holiday and an excuse for all those ppl in relationships to rub it in our faces :P Well, my day wasnt so bad. I handed out Valentines. Yeah I STILL do it! LoL its the only part of V-Day I like! Besides, I got a hug from Jonas and Will out of it! hahaha But that WASNT the point of me handing them out. (seriously! LoL) I just like making ppl who arent in relationships, like me, to feel special on this "joyous occasion". We had our Winter Carnival thing at school as well, and it was kinda boring. It was either to watch a movie or do activities in the Caf. I was supposed to be in the Caf but was let into the movie. The movie was: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. LoL yes a little stupid, but it was alright. It was interesting to see the level of immaturity a high school really has. Its actually very fascinating ;) Classes have started...VERY boring. :P I have two classes with Jonas, but none with Will unfortunately. Meh, its all good. I have to work my ass off this semester though. Damn those people who made my schedule...they're trying to kill me or something!! Arrrggghhh. anyway, I guess thats all for now.