Thursday, January 30, 2003

Hey hey. Havent updated in two days, so thats what Im doing at the moment. Nothing too great or interesting is happening. My dad comes back in about a week and Im excited!! Havent seen him in so long, cuz he's been gone as I said in earlier posts. (can I actually call these posts? meh, whatever!) My grandma's coming back with him and I havent seen her since I was six! Craziness! Anyway, my mom and I rearranged my room a couple days ago. It looks bigger which is great! My big desk is gone tho :( I was upset about that. I put all my pictures and stuff on there and my mom put the shelf in her room now. pooey. I was gonna go shopping today but wasnt really up to it. I feel like baking cookies too, but I dont have any ingredients! damn this sucks! LoL I guess its just another one of those days infront of the computer! hahaha

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Finally finally finally!! Finished exams and can REST!! wahoo! My history exam was alrighty. I didnt do HORRIBLE but I didnt do GREAT either. At least an 80% so Im happy with that. I also finally got help on how to manage this damn thing...Thnx Gracie Poo! Still trying to find a template, but it's all good. As long as I have some way of handling it, Im fine :) Now for the rest of the week, I can just rest. oops, g2g...mmm mmm supper! ;) be back later...

Monday, January 27, 2003

ONE EXAM DOWN....ONE TO GO!! Wahoo! My religion exam was a piece of cake with ice cream on the side! hehehe I think I kinda messed up in the short answers, but everything was as smooth as a baby's bottom! LoL Now, there's only history left, which wont be too hard I dont think. Ive done pretty good in that class this semester, so a little reviewing is all I need I guess. semester starts! AAAHHH! I dont want it!! What else? Oh...I got some of my pics from before Christmas holidays (fnally!) developed. Ive got a pic of me and Jonas ;) it's all good. He doesnt look the greatest in the pic, but Im still happy! :D As for Will...I saw him today but couldnt really talk considering we were doing our exam. Such a cutie patootie, that kid! hehehe
Well well well folks...the day Ive been dreading is here. Today is my first exam. It starts at 1 P.M. but Im gonna be at school for a little after 10 A.M cuz I need to study a bit more. Damn damn damn, why didnt I study more? LoL This is what I get. Oh well, no biggie. I dont think I'll do too bad. I DID study last night, for like 2 and a half hours! I feel a little better about it. After the exam, Im goin to Sarah's and baking some "thank-goodness-Religion's-over" cookies! hahah well, Im off to get ready. Wish me luck!! (Im gonna need as much of it as I can!)

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Ive been testing this out all's not too bad. I changed my template again and hopefully I'll get somewhere with that. I need a tutor in this damn HTML shit! I must say...HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN TO KAT! *muah* I gave you a greeting on the board already, but I wanted to give you a special place here too! hehehe who knows if you'll see this, but just incase! Have a great day!
Woohoo! Finally I did something that worked!!!!!!! This thing still pisses me off tho, but I'll live with it. Poor Steph...cant get anything to work. Dont worry your pretty little head off, Stephers...I feel ur blog-pain! LoL We'll figure this thing out soon enuff! Im gonna go and change my template again cuz the fruit one isnt as good as I thought it was gonna be.
I tried changing the template of this God-forsaken thing...I hope it worked. Steph's did...let's pray mine did the same! *crosses fingers*
LoL what a vent that was yesterday, eh? I had to get that out of my system. Today Im feeling much better. My abs (well the non-existent ones! LoL) are aching cuz I did 6 sets of 30 crunches yesterday night and just now. Owwie! LoL Oh well, it's worth it. Tomorrow I have a my first exam. Im not too worried; it's just Religion. But I hated the way my teacher taught us. She did it straight from the book! I thought religion was what YOU believed in?! So I gave some of my OWN answers on some of the tests and she marked it wrong because it was "out of the book". WTF kinda teaching method for religion is that?! Im glad I got rid of that subject. So I did study last night. I went thru all the key terms and chapters and whatever. It didnt really help, but whatever. I'll deal with it. You know what have been realizing lately tho? I wanna go to university and everything, but I also wanna be a singer. I dont do it competitively and I dont take lessons, but I dont think Im too bad at it. I think it'd be great performing infront of people and getting to travel the world, as that is what Ive always wanted to do! Ever since the sixth grade when my friends and I would pretend we were the Spice Girls and sing on this bench which was our "stage", Ive wanted to go for it. Thing is...Ive got a case of massive stage-fright! I know you must be thinking thats crazy if I wanna be a singer infront of thousands of people...but I could get over it if I'd find more opportunities to sing infront of people. I mean, I can sing infront of my family alright. But when it comes to friends...forget about it. LoL I think I'd be able to do it infront of people I dont know cuz they cant really come up to me right after and say, "You totally sucked" or whatever. Okay...thats it for now. Be back later prolly...