Saturday, January 25, 2003

Is there no way I can make the font any damn bigger? Im blind enuff as it is, and you expect me to read this itsy bitsy little writing? Psshhh...stupid thing :P Let's try something...Is this any bigger?! guess not...damn fucking stupid blogger! Im so sorry, but can this thing be a little HARDER to manage?! *rolls eyes* I cant find out how to do anything on this!! Someone help me!! I tried looking thru the HELP pages, but none of my questions were answered. Such as, "How do you post an image?" All it said was, "The free version of Blogger (and our Blog*Spot blog hosting service) does not provide free storage space for pictures or other graphic files which you may wish to have in your blog. You must use another hosting service for this purpose and many free or low-cost services are available but Blogger does not endorse or recommend specific companies for this purpose." How the fuck does that "help" me in any way?! Ive seen everyone else's blogs and what do I see all over it??! PICTURES!!! WTF is wrong with this picture?! *no pun intended* And it expects me to upgrade...and PAY for this damn thing!? Well if I cant get it to work, why the fuck would I wanna pay for some piece of shit that I cant figure out?! THINK PEOPLE!!! USE THEM THINGS IN UR HEADS CALLED BRAINS!! OBVIOUSLY, the people running this place arent doing just so!!! Good day!
Okay folks...Ive been racking my brain trying to figure out how to link people...and this is the best I can do:

The Message Board I belong to... Blogger. This is actually just the get to the msg board, click on the MESSAGE BOARD icon (DUH) LoL

Stephanie's Blog... Blogger. She's the one who me started on these blog things. *hugs Steph* Thanx for getting me into this, Stephers...not only are we Spoon Sisters, we're BLOG sisters too LoL Im such a moron :P

Well..there ya have it folks..enjoy!

Friday, January 24, 2003

I think its time I talk about my wonderful friends over @ the "BsbBlvd Msg Board". Hehehe I love those guys and gals! So Im a Backstreet fan...shoot me! Anyway... Ive been a part of that board since July '02 and made some friends pretty quickly. It took a while to get adjusted to the board, such as posting and what-not..but the ppl there are genuine sweethearts! *Shoutouts to: Stephers and Lauren...gotta say something--> SPOON!* I found a lot of ppl who I get along great with and Ive enjoyed meeting ppl from all around the world. The ppl culturally differ...everywhere from my home country of Canda to the US to Europe etc. It's great! :) Everyone is so friendly and sooooo funny! They make me laugh all the time and I must say...there are some damn good graphic designers on that board! I have them to thank for, for the graphics in my siggy. The longest graphic running at the moment is the Nick graphic Sana made for me. It was the first one ever made for me...I just cant part with it! I love it sooo much! *Thnx Sanny* I think it's great being part of a message board because apart from meeting a whole array of ppl, news, pics etc are constantly posted. Also, its great reaching a certain amout of posts that change ur status. When I hit the "Larger than Life" status I was more than ecstatic! Alright...enuff of that. I know some of you really dont care, but they're like a REALLY extended family to me! Love all you guys over at the MB...much love from me! *MuAhZaA*<--my made up word for a kiss LoL
Need to rant... Okay, I have a friend --> let's call her Theresa. Well, she has a bf right; they've been together for a little over 2 yrs. I must say...SHE ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME WHEN SHE'S TALKING ABOUT HER BF!!! Every conversation we have, she manages to say something about him ---> let's call him Ed. A few wks ago I was telling her about my grand daddy passing away cuz she asked about it. Literally five secs after she asks and just as I was about to answer she blurts out..."I Love Ed". Now, personally I thought that was quite rude and inconsiderate of her. I told this to my friend "Gio", who's constantly annoyed with Theresa as well, and he said the same thing...she was rude. Now I dont know how much longer I can hold out listening to her constantly bitching and moaning about how Ed's being an ass or what he did that was "so sweet". Sorry for whining, but I needed to get that out! Thnx for reading! :)
Hi all...How is everyone? Im feeling alrighty, I guess. I should be studying for my exams, but you just cant pry me away from the computer these days. I wanna blog out on here more often, but my page is so bland and I dont have much to talk about really. Im just complaining a lot about how I know nothing about this blog stuff and cant make my page all funky like everyone else's. Im a beginner, what can you say? Ive looked all over and tried to find some way of linking others, cuz my friend has a blog as well...but damnit! Nothing's working!!! aarrghhh...thats enuff frustration for now. Until next time...

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Ever get the feeling you belong with someone? That the relationship you guys have is so natural, it just seems logical to be together? Well dammit! Reality is a total bogus. Im talking to this guy, who Im majorly-->not as major are the other guy, though<--crushing on and things just fit with him. I talk to him so easily and we flirt back and forth. But...I have a feeling things arent gonna go past what it is now. As for the other guy...let's call him Jonas(dont ask! LoL)...he's a great guy too. Things are comfortable with him's just that I click so much better with the other guy...let's call him Will. Guys are do damn complicated...yet I cant get enuff of em! It feels like Im gonna be alone forever, that the right guy is never gonna show up. I mean, Jonas and Will have a lot of potential to be that "right guy" and even tho Im young, I know what I want...right now, anyway. BOYS-->so difficult, yet so irresistable!
Hey guys and gals! Havent posted here in a few days...kinda forgot I started this thang! hehehe was the last day of school before exams start. First semester is over and I gotta wait until after I do my exams to start hell, which is known as second semester. I have such an amazingly BAD schedule!! Math, French. Science and English! Jesus, they could've at least given science this semester but NOO!! Instead, they give me all my hard subjects in one damn semester. School is so tedious!! aargh! I think Im going crazy! LoL Back to busines...I have made up my plans for after graduation. My friends and I are moving to Montreal and getting an apartment there for all of us to share. Ive decided Im gonna go to Concordia University and study Psychology there instead of staying here in Ottawa and going to Carleton. Something about being away from my parents intriques me *wink wink* Nah, I love my parents to death but sometimes, a girl's gotta go out and live on her own! But holy crap! Why does university have to be so damn expensive?! I think I'll try to sign up for a scholarship so I wont have that much to pay, at least. I was gonna go to McGill University, which is in Montreal as well, but their entry level was a little high for my taste. I need a MINIMUM of a 92% average! Jesus, I'd be damn friggin lucky to get an average like that...not in a million years, man! Hells no! Socially...things are kinda screwing with my brain. Im kinda feeling left out of my group of friends. There was four of us, but my REAL best friend moved away and switched schools. So there's only three of us, and you know the saying Three's a Crowd? Well, that's how Im feeling. I think Im gonna lose my mind pretty soon. Exams are stressing me out. Im not really worried about the exams I have this semester: Religion and History. Good marks in both those classes so I just gotta study for history and Im set. Okay, well Im done my rambling for now. Ciao :)

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who knows everything about computers and what to do with them. LoL cuz mine is really pissing the hell out of me. Apart from the fact thats its as slow as molasses in January, it freezes on me every 5 mins. Arrggh...thank God for this blog thing. This way I can rant to all of you beautiful people out there! ;) heehee So...I really need to figure out how to work this thing, cuz my blog is damn bland at the moment. :P Ive tried looking around and Ive pressed every single button on this darn edit page, but nothing seems to be working. Maybe it just hates me :P LoL Yah Im being an idiot...but oh well. Golden Globes are on but Im not really watching em. More like listening to them. How exactly am I able to put pictures in here? Do I need to use all that HTML gibberish? Probably, knowing my luck :P Well, good news...I finished my history essay. Just gotta do my good copy tomorrow in class. Why do exams have to be so soon? Oh well, I get a few days off so it's all good :) Okay...lets try this. If any of you wanna check out my fave hockey team go to (I couldnt get the darn link to work!!) Yeah, they dont very much money at the moment, but considering they're the best in the League I think they deserve a break! GO SENS GO!
Okay okay, Ive checked out some of the others blogs around here and may I say...DAYUM! They're pretty friggin' nice! Mine is pure crap compared to some of yours. But, you've all prolly been here longer than I have. Is there some place where I can learn how to put all that stuff on the side, cuz at the moment I have nothing. Is it possible to ask for some assistance from all you talented blog creators out there? LoL If so, somehow contact me...cuz I need all the help I can get!
Aright...this is my third post of the day. I just cant get over how cool this is! LoL Yes, call me a nerd! :P Its just so simple to use, so it seems. So what else can I talk about? Myself? I guess so...Im a pretty average girl. As I said before, I dont know much about computers and all this HTML sh*t but Im learning as much as I can. Im in the 10th grade. Constantly listening to music; almost anything is good. Im stil not exactly sure what I can put in this. Its called the Life and Times Of...ME! but theres not a lot about me I really have to share. LoL maybe if I read some other blogs, it'll help me out. I'll go do that now...
This is so much fun! LoL Its so weird seeing something Ive written on the Net. Im not much of a website person, meaning I dont have one of my own. Unless you consider this a website? Oh well, whatever. Anyway, I thought I'd test some of this stuff out, you know the colours and what not. I dont know much about HTML, apart from the stuff @ the message board I go to, and it's sort of like the stuff used here. So, Im just experimenting! :D This thing doesnt show little smileys though, eh? Or does it and I just dont know about it? Oh dear, I have a lot to learn.
Hey folks! Welcome to my newly created "Blog". I thought it would be interesting to start an online journal and let the world out there know a little about me! :) Im new at this, so please excuse the crappiness :P Hopefully I'll learn more about how to use this, cuz Im quite computer-challenged. So..on with my journal. To let you guys know the basics, Im 15 yrs old and live in Canada. My school life is so-so. Exams are coming up so Im a little nervous about em but I know I'll do alright if I just study. My family consists of myself, a little brother aged 8 and of course my mom and my dad. At the moment, my dad isnt home. He went to my grandfather's funeral who passed away recently and isnt coming back until Feb. 7th. What else is there to tell? Im single LoL Im having a bit of trouble with the guy Im totally crushing on. Okay, not really "trouble" so to speak, but we're "just friends". I think most of you know the drill with that situation. Is that enough for my first entry? Im sure they'll get longer as time goes on. Thanx for reading :)
*Little Buttercup*