Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Poor Giggy...he was so upset *tear* but he won the Conn Smythe and he definitely deserved that! I cant wait till next season...pre-season is in 3 months! LOL

Ahh school's almost over and Im freaking out over my exams :P My english oral project is due tomorrow. It was very traumatizing researching about anorexia and bulimia *shivers* those pics will haunt me for life! Wish me luck on my exams...gotta start studying for math! Later dawgs... ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Well...the Devils are at it again :P Tonight was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals and it was in because the Devils had such a good home record, they added yet another win @ home to it. But the Sens started a trend with their losing @ home so hopefully the Ducks can keep it going strong. Theyre a bit rusty because of their 10 day rest, so they better shape up or ship out before Game 2. LETS GO DUCKS!

And if anyone is wondering the was 3-0. The coach was stupid and took Giggy (J.S. Giguere) out of the net, so obviously the Devils are gonna get an empty-netter :P Crazy kids...

SeNs PrIdE sTiLL sUbSiDeS!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2003

Okay...havent written in a while and tonight is the night where I vent out my anger and sadness. As you may know, Im a Sens fan and this was the year they were supposed to take Stanley back home to Canada. But NOOOO...the fucking DEVILS had to come along and take away the one thing our city wanted. The Devils have gone to the Stanley Cup finals 3 times before...they didnt deserve it as much. After all the stuff the Sens have been critized about, this was the year we were gonna prove them wrong. We have accomplished so much in this season alone, it better have changed the public's perspective on our hockey club. No doubt, the Sens are still my team and I respect them more than ever. Im just upset at the fact that we lost against Brodeur and his Devils. Theres always next year...but we say that year after year. I still have faith in them, nonetheless, and will love them forever. SENS FAN FOR LIFE!

And for Round Four...LETS GO DUCKS!!! Ducks in 6 in less....
Peace out...

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Hi there! Im bored so Im blogging was my day? Meh, its only like half-way over with. SENS GAME TONIGHT! WOO!! Go Sens Go! Saw Conrad today...didnt talk to him, but a view is good enough *wink* hehe I think he blocked me LOL I wouldnt be surprised if he did...we're not exactly "friends" which sucks. Note to self: start talking to him more.
The only reason I dont really talk to him is cuz he's intimidating. Like, he doesnt always have the friendliest look on his face and it'd be hard for me to just walk up to him and start a conversation. When I do talk to him, its not a full-on conversation which sucks. But I cant think of anything to say half the time so its mainly my fault for being slow LoL I always tell myself to try to talk to him...but I figure he's "too cool" yanno? Oh well...hope he'll loosen up soon cuz it'd be nice to make a new guy friend!
Thats all for now...later!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

ALLO! Its been a while since I blogged out...
Okay well first of all...Im changing Chris' name to Conrad LoL Why...well, just because. Just trust me on this one *wink* hehe
Alrighty, so the play went great :) Everyone did their part and all that practice paid off. Not a lot of people attended...but oh well.

I gotta tell ya thought...Im an idiot LoL Okay, so I got a hold of Conrad's email and I was adding it to my address book for my email account. For some weird reason, it automatically added him to my msn list!!! I FREAKED out! So he comes online and asks "who I am exactly" and I tell him. I told him what happened and why I added him and said that I wasnt sure if he knew who I was or not. He's like, "no I know you" hehehe he knows who I am! *wink* anyway he got off like 2 secs later...but I still talked to him heheh

Hows school? Meh, pretty good. Same old stuff. Still friends with Will and Jonas...but Im still over them both. Yeppers, Ive gotten over Jonas. Applaud for me! mwuahah

Anyway thats all for now...I know it was boring...shut up :P

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

HEY ALL! Well, its Tuesday...the day I hate the most out of the week. I didnt wanna get up this morning. I wanted to stay in my nice warm bed but NOOOOOO. I had to get up for crappy school :P LoL I had a boring day at school, as always. I have a Julius Caesar test tomorrow on Act III which Im not looking forward to...Im gonna fail haha How was my Sunday? GRRRRRRREAT! I had a great time @ practice and I cannot wait till THIS Sunday. We practice from like 2-9! lotsa time there for moi and "Chris". Wonder why I use code names? Well, I dont particularly care about my own name. I just dont think other ppl will appreciate their name being brodcasted over the net. Besides, I dont exactly want anyone to know Im talking about them to the whole world. hahaha Its okay, Im just a dork so dont mind me :P thats all for today. American Idol tonight so Im gonna be watching *wink* TTFN

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Well, today is Daylight Savings and Im not particularly looking forward in losing an hour of sleep. :P Tomorrow I go to Church @ 11 am and then I have Passion Play practice until 4:30. A few hrs spend with "Chris", Im excited! hehehe Oh, if any of you are interested, I play a woman of Jerusalem in the Passion Play :)